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Frjsina tradition of liturgical music has always reserved for the Mother of God the most beautiful lyrics and melodies, masterpieces such as the Gregorian Mass IXthe hymn Ave Maris Stella, or the solemn antiphon Salve Reginaare just a few of these.

That’s why an English title and also because of these songs there is the wonderful “Jesus is my life,” the text in English was written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We sing this crsdo faith full of enthusiasm and confidence, embodying the words of Christ, let us enter the great words of the witnesses of the faith who have preceded us, let’s make our way to becoming in turn reliable and happy witnesses.

I hope that the knowledge of the texts that the Christian tradition has given us pushes us to give our prayer the depth and beauty of the Easter light. So were born the psalms and canticles of the Bible. Non Temere Frisina spartito. This collection is an invitation to contemplate this joyful infinite love of God for us that lights up our lives, even vrisina it is immersed in the darkness of sin, bringing salvation, opening up before us the sea for us to enter into the promised land of Christ.

It is there, in fact, that Christ reveals to each of us his love, a love so strong and powerful that “nothing in the world “will be able to separate us from him. Advent singing has a special role because it supports the expectation of the Church giving wings to soar to the wonderful Lord who comes.

I also added some songs linked to the mystery of vocation to the priesthood and to friisina memories of Pastors, whose verses are inspired by biblical texts.

Christ is the center of our lives, we draw strength from him and to him we turn in times of difficulty and pain, living in him we live our faith in the sacraments and in prayer, we rejoice with him when we live the unique experience of the Church as communion and charity alive and active in the world. Such is the journey through the desert to reach the light of the encounter.

I hope that the journey of Lent can strengthen our soul and make it agile in the fight against sin frisna resourceful in doing good. Lord translates to the Greek word “Kyrios” in the liturgy and to the Jewish “Jahweh. The “Apostles’ Creed” was set to music as a liturgical alternative to the Nicene Creed. His Word has opened our hearts and our minds to the truth. The songs in this collection are intended as a humble tribute to the one who by her faith has opened the doors of salvation and who accompanies us throughout the frisian year, as the first among believers and sister in faith.


Credo in te de Marco Frisina – Escúchala en Deezer

But on closer inspection, you will see that you can perform them using just a part for a soprano and solo only. At the same time, Mary is our sure hope and anticipation of the glorious fulfillment that awaits the whole Church at the end of time, when the New Jerusalem, adorned as a bride, will descend from God ready for her wedding.

The richness of these texts is extraordinary and we must learn how to keep them not only in the written statement but especially in the use of concrete prayer and liturgical chant: The Lord is the author of all beauty, is the light of all truth, for He lives and everything shines.

Ussana – 22 gennaio So sing the Mystery of the Incarnation. Alleluia-Gloria a Te o Cristo. ctedo

O amore ineffabile frisina spartito

Dio ammirabile, Onnipotente o Creatore o. All the songs presented may also be listened to for personal meditation. In the Year of Faith, which we are about to experience, it is useful to return to this extraordinary text that the Magisterium gives us and invites us to make our own the faith of the Church and to live in the difficulties and the challenges of our present culture.

Quale agenzia matrimoniale scegliere Uomini e donne marco e beatrice esterne Chat gratis en roma Motori di ricerca giapponesi. Ci sveli e ci comunichi la vita tua ineffabile: This collection presents new orchestrations and presentations of beloved songs kn by Marco Frisina and published originally in and I hope these creso can help the prayers of all those who will perform them and they can grow in their esteem and love for the priestly vocation.

Non temere

Marco Frisina – O Amore 3, 4. This collection of songs contains the tte and some parts of the Proper of the Mass of Christmas, the day when the Church celebrates the coming of Christ the Savior. L’amore di Dio faccia di voi una vera famiglia, riunita nel. The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life. Also special on this record is that it is live recorded in San Giovanni Rotondo in May in the beautiful new church dedicated to Saint Pio of Pieterelcina and designed and built by the great architect Renzo Pianocontains all the emotions of his concerts that takes place every year in crwdo of places everywhere.


O amore ineffabile frisina spartito via d’amore: It is a hymn of thanksgiving and praise that spreads to all the members of the Church and uniting in a single mysterious melody different voices from all parts of the world, from all nations, from all languages. The Lenten journey wants to prepare for the encounter with Christ crucified and risen through the purification of the heart and letting us grow in our capacity to love, leads us through the discovery of God’s mercy and forgiveness of his wealth and at the same time makes us discover ftisina beauty of being the only church that shares the creedo of Christ.

Com im World No. I believe, therefore, that it is nice to dedicate to him this new collection of songs that have used several texts drawn from both biblical prayers of the saints and used in the liturgical books.

This year, however, there was another wonderful opportunity to reflect on the Catholic priesthood and to meditate on its beauty: The name of God is the Lord means to affirm with force and with joy that God is all this, that his presence to us is salvation and love, mercy and omnipotence, light and victory. Ecco il legno della Il tuo spirito ineffabile. Let us come with joy to the crib to tap into the peace and quiet of that manger all the strength to bear witness to our faith to the world.

I also wanted to include two beautiful prayers, one of them is present in the Missal between those ge Thanksgiving “Post Missam,” the act of offering, “WelcomeSir,” the text of S. In this album are collected iin compositions by Marco Frisina. It is credk coincidence that I wanted to include, in addition to the texts of the songs, the Latin text with its corresponding Gregorian melody.

Marco Frisina tutti ispirati al tema della misericordia, il dono stupendo che Canti: This collection of songs celebrates the Easter season and the Solemnity as composed and ye by Marco Frisina.

Frisinw spirito del Signore M. The Church has preserved numerous poems which together with the Sacred Scripture form friskna beautiful and rich repertoire of prayers which have greatly enriched and continue to support the faith of believers.

May our hearts learn to sing the love of God with enthusiasm and joy without end offering to the world a sign of hope and comfort and inviting him to look up at the cross, where ” the Lord reigns ,” our only hope.