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R&S®CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester For more general information about the R&S®CMU, refer to the product . in manual mode. throughout this manual, CMU and CMU is generally used as an abbreviation for the Universal Radio Communication. Testers R&S CMU and R&S. note that not all GSM options described in this manual are supported. The different R&S CMU models are also described in the product brochures. The high.

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Installation of new firmware versions and the use of different applications and versions on the same instrument is made easier by the VersionManager described in the following section.

The list of settings will appear in a pulldown window after the field is selected. The instrument itself is identified by the primary GPIB address. The Detect Mode Peak and RMS determines how the measurement curve is calculated from the complete set of measured values.

Internal Storing in the current printer format to directory c: The symbol for the rotary knob appears at the top right of the input field.

Display Mode In graphical measurement diagrams, the display mode defines which of the measured and calculated curves traces is displayed if the measurement extends over several evaluation periods. For example, it is possible to update the base software without affecting the associated network options or vice versa.

Unknown 1 November at Root directory of the section on the internal hard disk that is reserved for mass storage. The supplementary options must be enabled with a key code but can not be deactivated. DCC Second audio circuit in manual control. The interface menu Setup Dmu200. This menu guidance via popup menu can be switched off. Select one out of several list fields using the cursor keys.


The chapter lists the remote control command for each instrument function.

Assignment of numerical keys and alphanumeric characters Character upper case ABC7???? The nominal generator power set in the RF level field is thus measured and indicated next to the Analyzer Power softkey. Thank you for checking out our listing. The hotkey Repetition determines the repetition mode of the measurement Single Shot or Continuous measurement; see section Measurement Configurations Power Configuration section on page 4.

As a consequence, different versions of the base software can be combined with different options to create new firmware configurations. Do not cover the rear and lateral ventilation holes. Defining a center Frequency in the Analyzer Settings panel implies that only signals around this frequency are analyzed. This is of particular importance when the instrument is used for the first time. The measurements are arranged in tables showing their hierarchical structure. The softkeys on the right-hand side are used to change the hotkeys across the bottom and their functions.

It is disabled grayed if the Paste Buffer is empty. An enabled but deactivated option can be mmanual any time without any key code or other additional input. Contains an index for the operating manual. The Time softkey configures the time axis. For this purpose, it is possible to change between the menus in almost any instrument manuwl. The new file name can be entered in the Filespec input field.

Manuals – KO4BB

Select the Hopping tab, use the rotary knob to select the Ramping parameter, press Enter and use the rotary knob again to switch the power ramping ON. Accept The permissible max. Additional hardware accessories are listed in the Hardware Equipment section.


Remote control — Test The Test softkey collects the information selected via the Select softkey and displays it in the Report table.

cmu 21 source codes –

Start procedure Startup menu After activation of the operating mode, the startup menu appears for a few seconds. In a Spectrum measurement a modulation filter suppresses the signals located to the right and to the left of the center frequency. In addition the two values 1 MHz and WIDE denoting measurement at the front end with no restriction of the analyzer frequency and level can be selected. Press or turn the rotary knob to open the auxiliary editor associated to the input field.

An empty configuration all hotkeys de-assigned will not be not stored after Exit Assign. Allow for sufficient air supply in the rack. The Write log files to disk function opens a blue message box indicating the storage capacity of the external disk needed.

Ediseja 21 CMU 200 User Manual Page 28

D A TA Fig. Towards lower values to the maximum permissible value of the new output,?

This operating manual describes version V3. Custom Bundle see all. It may be necessary to use an appropriate adapter see chapter 8, Hardware Interfaces. The hotkey toggles between the two versions of the tab.