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Children of Scarabaeus is a science fiction novel with a touch of romance by Australian author Sara Creasy, published by Harper Voyager. Released on. Wow, once this book grabs hold of you, it doesn’t let go. I read the first book, Song of Scarabaeus, and enjoyed it, so I jumped at the opportunity. Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, book 2) by Sara Creasy – book cover, description, publication history.

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I also know that it is some mental thing that probably only affected me. They were fairly normal people.

While the first book really concentrated on the world-building and establishing the characters, this book really focused on the romance and the characters as dhildren as their repercussions of their choices in the 1st book.

Children of Scarabaeus

Finn, such a mystery in the first book, slowly opens up in this one, and we start to see what makes this guy tick, why he fights against the Crib and why he’s falling for Edie. Trivia About Children of Scara Definitely read the first book though.

Paperback Editions March Pay no attention to the sound of my husband’s laughter in the background. I chose to skim over them.

Joint Review – Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Edie and Finn’s great plans for escape quickly go awry and once again Edie and Finn are at the mercy of the Crip. Yet, what Children of Scarabaeus excels in is the sexual tension still very prevalent between our childrej main leads. Natessa needs Edie’s help with her newest project, a technology that will terraform planets even faster than ever. But escape – for Edie, for Childten, and for the exploited young – will require the ultimate sacrifice.


I really loved the world and the abilities the main character Edie has.

To view it, click here. The seeds were planted six years before and Haller was invaded by the planet the year before and he wants to take over the galaxy!

Children of Scarabaeus – Wikipedia

I thought he was one of the best heroes I have read about in a while. The way things are satisfyingly tied up leads me to believe that this series is now complete, which is in a way disappointing. There were times when I felt a little lost and confused fo the story. She’s so addicted to reading that her family frequently threatens to host an intervention.

I will say this about the romance, Ms. I mean, come on, Finn, can’t be the only stud in the galaxy! Of course, Finn can’t just pick up and leave because of the electronic leash that binds him to Edie. I do have to say though, this series is not for the light sci fi reader. Edie has to basically save the world, and using kids as a metaphor for that is a bit heavy handed to me, scarbaeus the kids themselves are interesting, sympathetic characters, and that thankfully keeps them from becoming simple plot devices to evoke an emotional reaction in Edie and the reader.

scafabaeus Learn how your comment data is processed. There are too many characters to cover in this review but every character, in both novels, exhibited realistic motivations. Book one begins the development of the emotional relationship between the hero and heroine, and as a romance fan, I was left wanting more.


View all 3 comments. Granted, this issue never took away from my enjoyment of the novel, but it makes me reflect upon the sacrifices Creasy has made fhildren ensuring this series is a duology. I liked the stuff on Scarabaeus, and I liked the resolution. I thought he was one of the best heroes I have read about in a while.

Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, #2) by Sara Creasy

This is part of a series and I must stress that due to the fact that this book picks up where the first left off, do not attempt to read this as a stand-alone or out of order. These motivations helped ground them as actual humans despite being fictional characters in a novel. The first love scene between Edie and Finn was just so sterile. Edie is a top notch cypherteck who has the ability to manipulate the ecology of evolving planets that makes her a valuable to the Crib, her kf employers, and the Fringe planets who tried to get her help in bre Rating: They plan to fly to the Fringe, and use the cryptoglyph Finn is carrying in his head to help liberate the Fringe worlds from their reliance on Crib technology.

The pacing throughout the novels was superb.