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Destiny of the Republic has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey When I read about the Candice Millard book on James Garfield I was instantly intrigued. Yet it is one of the many pleasures of Candice Millard’s new book, “Destiny of the Republic,” that she brings poor Garfield to life — and a. Destiny of the Republic. A TALE OF MADNESS, MEDICINE AND THE MURDER OF A PRESIDENT. James Abram Garfield was one of the most extraordinary.

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As was true of most things in Guiteau’s life, The Truth was largely stolen. He “did not call it by name or ask for any special pistol,” O’Meara would later recall. He even served as a general in the Union Army. It is not to be missed.

Destiny of the Republic

The major downside to Destiny of the Republic is its length. In the meantime, he needed money to pay his board bill. Come on, admit it. Garfield had been anti-slavery, as had his party. He had been reluctant to leave Lucretia, worrying that the “sea air is too strong for her,” but he was thrilled by the progress she had made.

He had walked in so quietly that Maynard had not even heard him. During the extremely contentious Republican Convention ofdestniy many days of casting ballots for the Party’s Presidential candidate, Garfield would emerge as the nominee — surprising everyone, including himself.

I’m pleased to say Everything I knew about Garfield coming into this book can be encapsulated in three sentences. About Destiny of the Republic James A. View all 10 comments. James Garfield only held the office for about 6 months, half that fighting for his life, but it would seem to me that the man who I have known so little about, may well be one of the best men to have ever held the office.


In and of itself, this might not have been a terrible occurrence. Joseph Lister and Alexander Graham Bell would love to also read a book about Bell if you have a great recommendation. His oratorical skills were state of the art for desriny time.

Candice Millard | Destiny of the Republic

Aug 07, Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lothrop and Company” on the binding and cover page. But things got out of miplard after the first ballot failed to nominate a candidate and by the 35th ballot the delegates were looking for an alternative. Please try again later. Garfield was an ethical guy.

When I saw that our Minneapolis Institute of Art book club had picked this for the October book tour, I knew I would read it, but was unsure about whether I would like it. Her first book, The River of Doubt: Excerpted by permission of Doubleday, a division of Random House, Inc.

He was a daily fixture in the waiting rooms not only of Garfield but of other government officials. I liked the foreshadowing method Millard employed near the beginning with a visit to the science and technology exposition in Chicago.

That same day, Guiteau returned to John O’Meara’s shop, as he had promised he would. These being the days of presidential open “office hours” which, yes, turned out to be problematic he, goes to the White House to let his preferences be known: Millard takes all of these elements in a forgotten period of history and turns them into living and breathing things.


More painful even than the realization that his brief presidency would be forgotten was the thought that future generations would never know the man he had been.

Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President

This river trip almost did Teddy in. Joseph Lister in Engl Excellent history, engagingly written. Alexander Graham Bell makes a bravura appearance. A delusional man with a gun walked up to President Garfield at a train station one day and shot him in the back. He rose out of it, went to college then into politics. He could have easily killed either man at any moment, but he never raised the revolver.

Garfield came from the most humble and poorest background. Hardcoverpages.

In late January, little more than a month before his inauguration, he had written down a dream he had had in which Chester Arthur drowned. He died September 19,with only five months in office. Destiny of the Republic: If he was to assassinate the president, he realized, he would need a gun. The cry was like a spark in dry kindling View millxrd 23 comments.

Garfield was our 20th President