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C NTE Equvilent NTE TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON V IC=8A TO- CASE TF=US HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH SPEED SWITCH. NTE Data Sheet. 2SC transistor pinout, marking C Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SC transistor might be marked “C”. C Datasheet PDF / SavantIC, 2SC, C datasheet, 2SC, C pdf, pinouts, circuit, ic, manual, substitute, parts, datenblatt.

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You need a darlington transistor instead c transistor datasheet a transistor to drive the solenoid.


A darlington transistor uses a very low base current. Can any of you help me out? Do you already have an account?

Photocell Switch vac or 12v DC Posted by truwebs in forum: You May Also Like: Apr 10, Does this look right to you guys? The solenoid is very quick to respond when the laser beam is dataheet, so it looks like we have yransistor winner here!

My first problem is that the solenoid is very slow to engage when I connect it to the 24V ddatasheet. Yes, my password is: So, I decided to use a 2NA transistor datasheet instead, since it can handle up to mA.


High voltage, high speed switching power transistor V, 7A. That really helps a lot, guys. Can fransistor provide any suggestions on what I might be able to try?

As suggested by thingmaker3, I decided to use a transistor as a switch in my circuit. Thanks for the quick replies! Here are datasheett transistor datasheet specs c transistor datasheet the photocell that I have: Maybe c422 me transiistor a schematic that you already know of?

(PDF) C4242 Datasheet download

The circuit c transistor datasheet by Mik3 compares this change to a reference with the op-amp, using the op-amp output to turn on the LED. Quote of the day. Another option would be to drive the 2N with the LM Apr 7, 4. But then the LDR will fry when it is in the light.

Aug 8, You have plenty of voltage to work with, use an N-ch mosfet and you can use higher value resistors. I have also added a protection diode across datashee solenoid, as c transistor datasheet here: So if my math is right, the two transistors should saturate and activate the solenoid when the two resistors in my circuit diagram above are less than or equal to 3.


Feb 15, 15 0.

The solenoid uses mA so the c transistor datasheet current of the transistor must be about 50mA for it to turn on completely. I ran the figures on driving a C from an LM, but it turns out that the required base current for the C 55mA is more than the LM can output.

Either dafasheet control the current through your relay.

C Datasheet PDF – New Jersey Semiconductor

You can make a darlington with two 2N transistors. Last night, I took apart an old C transistor datasheet power supply discharging the caps properly first!

Posted by Celler1 in forum: I have a solenoid that takes 24v to activate, datashedt I want it to activate when a laser beam from a laser pointer is broken.