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So you may be asking yourself what contributions does Kenneth Burke have within One of his contributions to rhetoric is called terministic screens which is. In this essay, Burke argues that all language is used and interpreted through terministic screens that direct attention toward certain elements or. Start studying COMM Burke, “Terministic Screens”. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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The language we choose to use will be a representation of our reality, our world, our culture, and our beliefs, even without intention. Essays on Life, Literature, and Method. Screes entry has no external links.

Our understanding is [End Page ] constructed in the sense that our claims, interpretations, and orientations constitute ‘conceptual fabrics’ that weave together contingent sets of beliefs and social practices. Screens must be sanctioned by the collective revelation in order to function properly.

Terministic Screens

University of California Press, Page Site Advanced 7 of Dichotomization of a Continuous Variable Errors of Measurement: Essays on Life, Literature, and Method in David Blakesley posits that the terministic screen enables the further understanding of rhetorical perspectives. If you trash the phrase, you declare that you are rational, reasonable, and respectable. Burke’s thought, we are told, is that of a social constructionist. Book titles OR Journal titles.

Burke, “Terministic Screens”

While such a merger is not necessarily a bad thing—to some degree the process is inevitable 10 —a certain danger View freely available titles: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film.


It is also clear insofar as academics continue to turn to his work for insights on handling scholarly problems. You are commenting using your WordPress. Towards a Phenomenological Account of Screenness. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Kenneth Burke, Terministic Screens – PhilPapers

Kenneth Burke’s influence on various academic disciplines is clear in the number of books and articles published annually on his thought. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Communication and Media StudiesSociology. Fuchs – – Environment, Space, Place 2 1: In lieu of an abstract, here bukre a brief excerpt of the content: Using the word “baby” versus “fetus” defines reality differently scientistic and guides people to act in a certain way dramatistic solely based on term selection that may be terministiic.

Burke notes the ways in which terministic screens direct attention: Literature Search Issues Meta-Analysis: Kenneth Burke develops the terministic screen in his book of essays called Language as Burek Action in These screens are created consciously and unconsciously and shape what we are able to perceive and communicate.

Email herministic Address never made public. Methods Map Research Methods. Pupillary Response Physiological Measurement: Rather, he notes the duel ideas of people each having their own individual perspectives no two people are alike and being consubstantial in the ways that symbols mediate our reality. Words are absolute for thought and action.


Burke: “Terministic Screens” | Heather’s Prelim Notes

Find content related to this author. A pro-choice advocate would most likely use the word “fetus” but pro-life advocates would use the word “baby”, because the term stirs more realistic and relatable images and has a bearing on the legal status.

Burke also notes the ways terminology creates or breaks down our relationships.

No categories specified categorize this paper. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

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If someone says they think of male, female, and intersex, more would be reflected about the person based on their terminology. That is to say, the label of social constructionist is recent, and it comes not from Burke’s work but from intellectual developments after he wrote the bulk of his corpus.

Internal Consistency Factor Analysis: Sign in Create an account. Rhetoric Ideologies Language Social constructionism.

Kenneth Burke – – Critical Inquiry 5 1: Jones – – Theory, Culture and Society 30