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[1] () [2]Şen Z., “ Bulanık (Fuzzy) Mantık Ve Modelleme İlkeleri”, Bilge Sanat Yapım Yayınevi. Bulanık mantık ve modelleme ilkeleri. Z Şen. Bilge Kültür Sanat 84, Prediction of wave parameters by using fuzzy logic approach. M Özger, Z Şen. Şen, Z. (). Bulanık mantik ilkeleri ve modelleme. Turkish Water Foundation Publications. Şen, Z. (). Fuzzy logic and hydrological modeling. New York.

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Basic information Course title: Inputs and outputs have been converted to the linguistic terms such as very efficient, inefficient, somewhat efficient, remote, ilkleeri by creating membership functions. Think independently and critically in the area of profession.

Zekai ŞEN – Google Scholar Citations

Thus, a single fuzzy decision matrix of all decision makers was obtained. August, De Feo, J. Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author swith first publication rights granted to the journal. Generate original and creative solutions ilkelrei architectural problems by using contemporary technology. Prediction of these circumstances in a systematic manner is possible only after making some assumptions. In this study we first summarize the fundamentals of the fuzzy logic theory and then give an application of the theory to a flight problem.

HAUS company produces 11 kinds of products. Access knowledge and hold roles that augment individual abilities. The original language is Turkish and the mwntik is consisted of pages.

As a result of the performed evaluations, it could be observed that the project orderings of all three methods were different. Evaluation Phase of the Projects After the interviews with 13 decision makers, it was concluded that 11 projects that will eliminate the main problems encountered in series decanters should be put into practice.



No Purpose of the course: For this, each decision maker expressed the effects of the projects on the criteria with the verbal variables of “very little”, “little”, ” medium little “, “medium”, “medium much”, “much” modellene “very much”; then the fuzzy decision matrices of each decision maker were combined to be a single fuzzy matrix. It will not be easy to pass this course without attending class. Mizutani, Prentice Hall, 3.

You may access the up-dated and lecture notes form these page. Summary M any manti enterprises in the production and service sectors use six sigma as a process improvement method. With the idea that these determined criteria would be effective on the fuzzy solutions since they contain uncertainty, frequently used fuzzy AHP method was used.

ECTS Info Package

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: Logistics and Transportation Review, c. This article or a major portion of it was not published, not accepted and not submitted for publication elsewhere.

The long bulannik, corporate and financial structure, and jantik to quality studies of the company, and most importantly, its propensity for six sigma philosophy were also the reasons for selecting HAUS. The evaluation of the determined projects according to the criteria was also done with the help of verbal variables.


Remember me on this computer. Benchmarking General Electric Company, Benchmarking: In this study, since six sigma project evaluation criteria contain uncertainty, it has been found appropriate to use fuzzy logic and fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in project selection, which are the closest method to human thinking style. For this reason, successful results can be obtained by focusing on the improvements for a single process.

Different methods have been developed for the classification. The presence of different calculations techniques for the fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in the literature may lead to obtain different results.

Ratio of the final exam to total success: These are included in the literature as “fuzzy multi-criteria decision making techniques” and have been used in many studies. The fuzzy TOPSIS method lists the points that are the closest to the fuzzy positive ideal solution and the farthest to the fuzzy negative ideal solution.

Thesis defense was made in Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. However, every six sigma project cannot achieve the desired success bulanlk there are numerous factors in this failure.