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Based on the award-winning million-plus-hit blog Awesome Things, The Book of Awesome is an international bestselling high five for humanity. Published by Amy Einhorn Books, a division of Pasricha wrote The Book of Awesome while attempting to get over. With laugh-out-loud observations from award-winning comedy writer Neil Pasricha, The Book of Awesome is filled with smile-inducing moments on every page.

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The Book of Awesome 1. By the end, I was seriously skimming because I just couldn’t handle him being not as funny nor as clever as he thought he was being.

Blowing your nose in the shower! One of them was The Book of Awesome, which is a book filled entirely with “the little pleasures in life” that we take strange satisfaction in, such as popping bubble wrap and the smell of baked goods. No matter what mood you are in, the simple things in life can still make you happy. Something fascinating happened while I was reading this book. View all 15 comments. Retrieved May 26, Polar ice caps were melting, there were pirates storming the seas, the economy was on the verge of collapse, and there were wars going on all over the world.

The Book of Awesome. The Calendar of Awesome. Some of the stuff I agree is fairly awesome. Let me be the first to say: Let no one bring you down.

New York Times bestseller! Unfortunately, that little twinge of sarcasm that’s supposed to make this “optimism for the rest of us” Vancouver Sun ruins it. I understand the appeal, and it’s not offensive or anything, but more of a book for people who don’t read books. The Book of Awesome is basically a compilation of things Neil finds to be awesome. I love the site. But this is where The Book of Awesome stepped in to calm down that toxic fire that kept swallowing my every being.


You are a smart, unique and wonderful person and you have worked for and earned every bit of success that you get. ON a early winter morning, I was sitting with my journal reading past entries and realized what a wonderful world I had and the bubble of greif I had let surround me for so long started to deflate and disappeared. Certainly, some of the chapters could’ve done without the explanation. There is nothing that wants to break apart that beautiful relationship you have with your bed.

Each item and its related explanation are punctuated at the end with the one-word sentence: In my recommendation it should take about a year to read: The book works best read in small doses, maybe a handful of entries a day. This book should be read in small doses – essays about various everyday occurances that the author finds “awesome”, such as “Perfectly Popped Popcorn”, “The feeling of scrunching sand in your feet”, and “Sweatpants”.

Great idea, great posts, and great news regarding the book. Actually, I take that back because he must have gone through it a second time so that he could put in random bold face type that made little to no sense. I can’t say that I blame him, but it still kind of pisses me off. The description of each awesome thing is only a page or two and the writing is witty and sharp. Other items, I found myself wondering What is the author talking about? I had just recently started reading Everyday Sexismand it ignited a spark within me that I had thought to be long extinguished.

It was my all time favorite so far! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. View all 5 comments.

This book has given me tons of smiles, so I thought I’d create a review with 5 awesome things of my own, created in the style of The Book of Awesome. That when it happens is: The Book of Awesome 3 books. If it is not obvious already, The Book of Awesome is This was such a warm and fuzzy reading experience. The Book of Awesome has this great combination of experience story-telling and humor.


The Book of Awesome

Well, at least I do. Trivia About The Book of Awesome. His frustration with the ‘gloom pasdicha doom’ in the news caused him to expand on simple pleasures of life through new written essays complementing existing material from his blog.

About halfway through, I gave up reading Neil’s write-ups and just read the subject lines. That being said, I still visit the website on occasion.

The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

This book is a nice nudge to help you remember that the little things that we do or that happen in our daily lives are the way we view life as being great. And my favorite lovers. My absolute favourite on the site — I get a blast of serotonin everytime I read it. Also what is with the seemingly random bold booj I love everything about this book.

Look at all that awesomeness. I didn’t need an essay even a short essay about any of th This is a book spun off from a Web site, where the author has made a list of “Awesome” things Pasrichz is a great book to just have laying around when you’re bored for a few seconds.

These are all great things and this is a fine idea for a blog which is how it started out awsome, but, as you can imagine, they don’t all really lend themselves to great essays.