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A captivating paranormal from a rising voice in erotic romance. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his. Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina, begins her exciting, passion- filled Blood Moon Rising trilogy with Blood Law, a sizzling paranormal romance, . A National bestseller! For all eternity, only one thing shall separate them—until the Blood Law is avenged The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan.

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Rafael decides to mark her and let the Blood Law be avenged. How the Kxrin and Slayers came to be; their ongoing feud; necessary stuff like that. I mean how dare she end it like that?! She can detect negative vibes and can tell when something bad is about to happen. The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan packs into war, spur two rival karn into conflict, and spark an act of vengeance so evil that its effects will be felt for generations. I really enjoyed Falon, she is a survivor!

Blood Law by Karin Tabke | : Books

It was a little confusing at first because you are thrust into her world and are bombarded with a lot of information all at once.

I absolutely loved this book.

Don’t take a mate, and his pack will not survive for without an alpha pair the pack can’t breed. Karin Tabke blkod a full-time writer who draws on a lifetime of stories and backdrops that few outside of the law enforcement community ever hear about, let alone see. The hero marked her, mated her, and took her virginity and didn’t even know her name. The Karln Moon Rising Series: May 27, Jess rated it liked it. The end had a big, bad cliffhanger and I was thankful that I had the next book, Bloodright, to read right afterwards because the wait would have been harsh!


Still semi-distracted by her adult children Yay!

He never suspected, his mate would be a human, a woman he seduces from table brink of death. It was too much. Aug 15, Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: He moved into her space in an attempt to make a rational case on both of their behalves. This has some seriously HOT stuff in it.

So much so, that the members are unable to mate or reproduce until their alpha does. It is against all pack laws to sleep with a Slayer so when Rafael walks in on Lucien and a Slayer in bed, with Lucien moments away from marking her as his mate, Rafael ends it immediately and kills her…while she and Lucien are having sex.

Download Image Download Image. Even if she wanted to run, he would never allow blod. I did a re-read of this one immediately after finishing it the 1st time around. In doing so, she would deny herself. I can come to you at my leisure, and Rafael will know nothing of it.

Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising Book 1

Naturally, Luca is furious and the two of them proceed to almost kill each other. We can all resolutely agree that this is a-typical in paranormal romance but the magic wielded by an author is the written creation of b,ood evolutionary process. Well I’m no This was pretty good for a first in the trilogy.


Even atbke, she’s a mesmerizing beauty whose sensuality tempts the tavke warrior to take unnecessary risks. Wide-eyed she could not look away. Tabke sets the scene with a brief, yet informative background as to how the wolves became wolves and how their breed eventually produced a new speciesthe Lycans and that’s where we meet tahke twin brothers Rafael and Lucien. Immediately tossed between two angry brothers and the past that haunts them, Falon will have to come terms with not only her new burgeoning powers, but with the soul deep yearning that blossoms for Rafael all while knowing that her life will soon end at the hands of his brother.

Sent to infiltrate and kill their Lycan pack.

I’ve never really gotten into them because, even though I enjoy paranormal, shape shifters just really seemed “too out there” for me. His body coiled above hers, like a serpent ready to strike.

Her body liquefied as the tension eased. He was at the pinnacle tonight. But there is something more to Falon and Rafael quickly develops feelings for her. It was almost like yeah he wants revenge and all but he has his own obsession with her takbe well. She dared to open her eyes.

The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. An eye for an eye.