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Ebook D13 Volvo Workshop Manual currently available at for Ebook Pdf D13 Volvo Workshop Manual contains important information and a. FAZ-D13/2-RT. Catalog No. Eaton Catalog No. Finger and back-of- hand proof to BGV A2. Tightening torque of fixing screws. N/m. Finger and back−of−hand proof to BGV A2. Mounting width per pole mm 17,5. Mounting. IEC/EN top−hat rail. Protection type. IP20, IP40 (when fitted).

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The substance should not be stored with substances with which ha-zardous chemical reactions are possible. Area with fire risk.

Aluminium powder (pyrophoric)

Dry cleaing of dust-soiled clothes. Experience says that polychloroprene, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, fluoro-caoutchouc, and polyvinyl chloride are suitable as glove materials for protection against un-dissolved solids.

Do not use brooms or brushes made from sparking materials. Only employees especially assigned and instructed by the employer should be entrusted with the incineration of aluminium powder wastes. Please consult our database in german.


Carefully neutralize with ammonia water. Do not clean damp. Take care to keep workplace clean x13 dry. No open flame; fire, open ignition sources and smoking prohibited.

After the extraction, vessels containing aluminium powder are to be removed immediately and observed for spontaneous heating. Add hydroxide or carbonate to precipitate the metal.

Herstellen und Bearbeiten von Aluminiumpulver. Do not raise dust while cleaning. When handling bfv amounts of the substance an emergency shower is required. No hazards to sources of water are to be feared if released into water, drainage, sewer, or the ground.

Water Dry extinguishing powder Foam Carbon dioxide. Earth all parts which can be electrically charged.

Brush off loose particles from skin. The incineration should s13 carried out by placing the aluminium in a metal plate bin or lengthwise on top of a fire-proof base.

Observe the smoking prohibition!

Signposting to this effect must be displayed. Work done with fire or open flame should only be carried out with written permission if the risk of fire or explosion cannot be completely eliminated. Take precautionary measures against static discharges.


Collect in container for recyclable metal residues.

Individuals below the d1 of 18 must not be assigned to burn off aluminium-powder wastes. Keep at a distance from sources of ignition e.

Forms flammable gases when in contact with water. Absolutely no welding in the working area.


Areas in which the substance may have contact with water are to be considered as at risk of explosion. The measurements must be recorded and kept bgb file. Group D A classification according to groups A-C is not possible, because either there is no data available or the available data is insufficient for a final evaluation. Use an appropriate exterior vessel when transporting in fragile containers.

If possible, take container out of dangerous zone.