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The Ring of Solomon is a prequel to The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It was first published in Blurb It is B.C.E.. and King Solomon rules. This is about the actual ring. For the book, see The Ring of Solomon. The Ring is a powerful artifact used by Solomon during his reign as king. It contains and. Much to his annoyance, Bartimaeus the djinni has been enslaved by King Solomon the Great, who commands his empire with an all-powerful magic ring.

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Usually the magician ends up eaten.

If you like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, then try one of these epic fantasies. If you have not read any of the previous stories, start on this one and then recommend it to all your friends. The Ring of Solomon is set thousands of years before the trilogy, so none of the humans mentioned in the trilogy appear here.

O Barty, I love love love this book! I like the character of Asmira, but she is nowhere near as wonderfully flawed as Nathaniel was, nor did I want to root for her as strongly as I rooted for Kitty.

Bartimaeus Sequence by Jonathan Stroud.

The Ring of Solomon

Find more bartimaeis and bookish fun at http: Djinni are rarely willing conspirators; elaborate spells and ceremonies are required to both summon and bind them and one misstep by a magician frees the djinni. Ten fantasy books Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good fantasy book.


At first, Khaba and his subordinate closely supervise the stages of construction but after a while they stop showing up at the building site and the attitudes of the djinn grow lax. However, a spiteful Balkis disowns her loyal guard from her service.

Lui poteva fare molto meglio. Meanwhile Bartimaeus is just one among many of the spirits that has been bound by the circle of magicians that serve Soloman, and he delights in causing as much trouble as he can. But I already know his story, his magical predicament.

Bartimaeus uses his trademark wit to infuriate Khaba and the magician unleashes his flail upon the djinn and threatens to place them in his essence cages devices similar to the Od Orb in The Amulet of Samarkand should they displease him a solimon time. The trilogy does a better job of introducing the characters and concepts like ‘essence’ and ‘the Other Place’, but this prequel informs the reader more about the history and nature of magic, as well as the feats and trials of Bartimaeus, which are alluded to often in the trilogy without full background.

Ketika iring-iringan kerajaan itu berkelontang menghampiri kami. Asmira frees Bartimaeus from the bottle and commands him as his new master to help her kill Solomon. Whereas with the main trilogy Bartimaeus was amongst a great cast of characters and a dark, riing plot, this book is somewhat lacking in that department. Man lernt etwas von der Zeit kennen und von Jerusalem.

Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon | BookTrust

To ssolomon use must great power be put? It is the prequel to the popular Bartimaeus trilogy. Refresh and try again. Yes; no cliff hangers here. It is set in the real world.


I was pretty dubious about it but no more! On the strength of this book, I wonder if Stroud has anything more to say about this world. His first-person chapters alternate with third-person chapters that focus on other actors, particularly a young and deadly Sheban named Asmira who is tasked with assassinating the powerful Solomon in order to save her homeland.

Review: The Ring of Solomon — @lizb A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy

By the time you’re finished with it, if you haven’t already read the first three, you’ll be running full-tilt to get your hands on them. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Bartimaeus devours the old man and by the magician’s death is released and returns to the Other Place. It’s running on rails. But I found her stiff and boring. Sebagai orang yang setia kepada Ratu, Asmira berangkat dari negerinya menuju Yerusalem ke kediaman Raja Solomon dengan tekad yang kuat, ia akan membunuh Raja itu bagaimanapun caranya.

This prequel leaves me a tad conflicted though. Dan jelas bukan Barty donk namanya kalau selalu nurut sama Masternya, si Barty ketahuan menggunakan sihir tepat saat Solomon lagi melakukan sidak di lokasi pembangunan.

Thanks for the heads up.