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IIDepartamento de Medicina Veterinária, Campus de Palotina, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), The first cervical, that is, the atlas, has wide lateral wings, which are also flat, well-developed and with the . Osteologia, p La anatomía veterinaria es el estudio de la forma y de la estructura de los animales domésticos, que servirá de base para el abordaje médico, clínico y. Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias – Universidad del Zulia. Popesko peter atlas de anatomia topografica de los animales domesticos tomo iii.

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The orbits are incomplete and located in the middle third between the occipital and nasal bones, laterally. Incisura vertebral caudal 2.

It differs only in the evidence location of some spinous processes of the cervical and the lumbar vertebrae, and in a smaller number of sacral fused vertebrae as well. Tuberosidade Cara iliaca sacra 5. Cresta sacra media 4. Canal proximal do metatarso.

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. The next pairs are classified as false ones because they are not directly articulated to the sternebra. Osso sesamoideo distal 1.

Osteologia Caprino

Tuberosidade do olecrano osteolgoia. Ossos sesamoideos proximal F. Cara de a suea 2. The next two pairs are classified as false ones because they are not directly articulated to the sternebra.


Atlas de osteologia equina

The transverse processes are well visible only until the fifth caudal vertebra. Centro primario do isquion 3. Agujero vertebral ateral 5. The spinous process of third cervical vertebra is shaped like a long, low ridge; for the rest of it, this process is taller, it has a blunt end and it also is cranially tilted Sisson Aa do sacro 2. Knowledge of goat anatomy is important during both the planning and experimental stages of projects.

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Vterinaria partners: The angora goat Capra hircus has been the main experimental animal used by the Biophysics Laboratory, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, for many yea’s.

Atlas de osteologia equina download

Tuberosidadee da olecrano 2. This work was started in September and completed osteolpgia March Cresta de a cabeza de a costila 4.

This paper aims to give an anatomical and radiographic description for the axial skeleton of a Brazilian wild carnivorous, that is, the crab-eating fox, in order to compare the data obtained with the one found out in the literature data on other species.


This species is found both in forest and field areas and atals has preferentially nocturnal habits, moving alone or in pairs, throughout trails, forest edges and roads in search of food Rocha et al.

Descrição anátomo-radiográfica do esqueleto axial do cachorro-do-mato (Cerdocyon thous)

Abertura cranial de a pelvis 2. Cresta do cuello de a costila 6. Surco de a suea, agujero de a suea e canal de a suea el canal se encuentra en el interior de a faange vveterinaria.

Cara articular para os Ossos de a hilera distal do carpo. Tuberosidade de a tibia 5. Moreover, the latter process is evident from the fifth vertebra on for the grab-eating fox only. Ossos sesamoideos proximal 2 por Osso metacarpiano. Borde coronario 5 e 5′. It presents the dorsal and ventral portion respectively without projection and a slightly developed ventral veterniaria. Disclaimer The findings in this report are not to be construed a!

Borde de a suea 8. Louro I ; Sheila J. Remember me Forgot password? Osso metacarpiano V rudimentario. Cara articular para os Ossos de a hilera distal do tarso.