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A suicide bag, also known as an exit bag or hood, is a euthanasia device consisting of a large plastic bag with a drawcord used to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation. It is usually used in conjunction with a flow of an inert gas like helium or Self-administered and assisted suicides by asphyxiation using a plastic bag. Asphyxial suicide by placing a plastic bag over the head, especially in combination with inhalation of gases, is a rarely described method of committing suicide. Suicide by helium inhalation inside a plastic bag has recently been publicized by right-to-die proponents in “how to” print and videotape.

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Suffocation caused by plastic wrap covering the face combined with nitrous oxide inhalation. Journal of Affective Disorders.

Unless the bag is fastened around the neck by a ligature with sufficient tension to obstruct venous return from the face, in our experience, such persons never have facial or conjunctival petechiae. Policy and psychosocial considerations associated with non-physician assisted suicide: Uses authors parameter Webarchive template wayback links.

Retrieved 5 March The authors stated that a hood method might be able to play a role in “demedicalising assisted suicide”. Suffocation using plastic bags: Russel Ogden said that the existence of “how-to” literature involving the suicide bag has been “shown to influence the choice of suicide method but not the overall suicide rate, and that an emerging counterculture of death providers, operating outside of the traditional medicolegal framework of health care, was placing assisted death outside the normative gaze of medicine”.

Views Read Edit View history. The suicide bag with inert gas method was originally developed by John Hofsess and the NuTech group, which consisted of Hofsess, Derek Humphryengineers and physicians.


Observation of two suicides by helium inhalation in a prefilled environment. Retrieved 27 July A suicide bagalso known as an zuicide bag or hood[1] [2] is a euthanasia device consisting of a large plastic bag with a drawcord used to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation. Srp Arh Celok Lek.

Egypt Suicide Hotlines

Propane, butane and natural gas are to varying degrees narcotic, and are a serious fire and explosion hazard, depending on concentration of the gas and of oxygen. This causes a far quicker drop in blood oxygen level than holding the breath.

Bags Euthanasia Suicide methods Suicides by asphyxiation Plastics applications introductions. Retrieved from ” https: Propane has low toxicity since it is not readily absorbed and is not biologically active. Werth Death studies Promoters of this suicide method recommend it to terminally ill patients.

The pro- euthanasia group Exit Australia distributed a manufactured version of the bag in Australia inalarming government officials and pro-life groups.

Suicide bag – Wikipedia

Helium and nitrogen are non toxic and can be breathed with no ill effects over short or long term when oxygen levels are sufficient, and present no health risk to third parties except asphyxiation.

If the supplied breathing gas is free of carbon dioxide, the blood carbon dioxide levels will remain low while breathing occurs, and there will be no distress or urge to increase breathing rate, as the sensitivity in normal people to blood oxygen level as a breathing stimulus is very low. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

He does asphyxoal dispute that the method is “swift, highly lethal and painless”, as claimed by Ogden and other right-to-die proponents. Pages containing links to subscription-only content CS1 maint: Suicides using bags or masks and gases are well documented in the literature.


These additives may be toxic in large doses, asphxyial the concentrations which are needed to indicate the presence of the gas are not dangerous over short terms.

Retrieved 25 July In warfare Banzai charge Kamikaze Suicide attack Suicide mission. Helium Cessation of life. The urge to breathe in normal humans is mainly controlled by blood carbon dioxide concentration and the acidity that it causes.

Asphyxial suicide by inhalation of helium inside a plastic bag.

Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot, in his book Dignified Dyingcalls the suicide bag with inert gas method “rapid, painless and safe”. Assisted suicide by oxygen deprivation wih helium at a Swiss right-to-die organisation.

Haglund The American journal of forensic medicine and…. The deoxygenated blood then passes through the systemic circulation to the vital organs, including the brain, and rapidly lowers oxygen concentrations below the level required to sustain consciousness, and when it is insufficient to keep the heart functioning, cardiac arrest will xuicide.

Suicide bags were first used during the s. This article reports a suicide performed according to this new and highly lethal technique, which is also a potentially undetectable cause of death.

Banzai charge Kamikaze Suicide attack Suicide mission. Part of a series on. Use of a suicide bag in a well ventilated room using either of these gases is unlikely to pose a hazard for other people, and there is no fire hazard.