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Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Aridoamérica, Mesoamérica y Oasisamérica Aridoamérica Norte de México Sur de E.U.. Territorio: Ubicación: Se extiende al norte de. Características de Oasisamérica, Aridoamérica y Mesoamérica. EG Aridoamérica? Choose a template. Pitch – FinancePitch – FinanceWPitch.

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Radiocarbon samples associated with various sculptures found at the Late Preclassic site of Izapa suggest a date of between and BCE. This period is best represented by the thousands of figurines recovered by looters and ascribed to the ” shaft tomb tradition “.

Its name comes from its position in relationship with the similar regions of Mesoamerica and mostly nomadic Aridoamerica. There are 83 inactive and active volcanoes within the Sierra Madre range, including 11 in Mexico, 37 in Guatemala, 23 in El Salvador, 25 in Nicaragua, and 3 in northwestern Costa Rica.

Autosacrifice was not limited to male rulers, as their female counterparts often performed these ritualized activities.

Oasisamerica – Wikipedia

By the fifteenth century, a large part of the region had become abandoned by its former inhabitants. In the Maya area, for example, stele depict bloodletting rituals performed by ruling elites, eagles and jaguars devouring human hearts, jade circles or necklaces that represented mseoamerica, and plants and flowers that symbolized both nature and the blood that provided life.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Conversely, the sister terms Aridoamerica and Oasisamericawhich refer to northern Mexico and the western United Statesrespectively, have not entered into widespread usage. Puuc settlements are specifically associated with a unique architectural style the “Puuc architectural style” that represents a technological departure from previous construction medoamerica.

Beginning as early as BCE, the domestication of cacaomaizebeanstomatoavocadovanillasquash and chilias well as the turkey and dogcaused a transition from paleo-Indian hunter-gatherer tribal grouping to the organization of sedentary agricultural villages. Based on maize remnants found in Bat Cave, Arizona, it appears that agriculture practices date back to at least BC. Filloy Nadal, Laura In the subsequent Formative period, agriculture and cultural traits such as a complex mythological and religious traditiona vigesimal numeric system, a arridoamerica calendric systema tradition of ball playingand a distinct architectural stylewere diffused through the area.


Several distinct sub-regions within Mesoamerica are defined by a convergence of geographic and cultural attributes. The Chichimecaan umbrella term for several tribes used by the Nahua peoplewere hunter-gatherers in Aridoamerica grasslands.

It extends from approximately central Mexico through BelizeGuatemalaEl SalvadorHondurasNicaraguaand northern Costa Ricaand within this region pre-Columbian societies flourished before the Spanish colonization of the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The following phase of Pueblo III — witnessed the greatest expansion of Ancestral Pueblo agriculture as well as the construction of large regional communication networks that would persist until the Pueblo IV Era. These sub-regions are more conceptual than culturally meaningful, and the demarcation of their limits is not rigid. During the Early and Middle Preclassic, the site developed some of the earliest examples of defensive palisadesceremonial structures, the use of adobeand hieroglyphic writing.

The exact geographic extent of Mesoamerica has varied through time, as the civilization extended North and South from its heartland in southern Mexico.

File:Mapa Mesoamérica Aridoamérica Oasisamérica.svg

The story of the origins of the cultural superarea of Mesaomerica takes place some years after the separation of Mesoamerica and Aridoamerica. Shared traits in Mesoamerican mythology are characterized by their common basis as a religion that—though in many Mesoamerican groups developed into complex polytheistic religious systems—retained some shamanistic elements.

Revelations of the Americas before Columbus.

These animals included deer, rabbitbirds, and various types of insects. Mexico articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates.


Reinterpreting Early Classic Interaction. Weaver, Muriel Porter Use mdy dates afidoamerica August All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mesoamerica. Aridoamerlca cities with their commercial and ariroamerica centers were always political entities, somewhat similar to the European city-stateand each person could identify with the city where they lived.


An Illustrated Dictionary of Mesoamerican Religion. The following is a list of some of the specialized resources traded from the various Mesoamerican sub-regions and environmental contexts:.

It is probably that in this period, the area benefited from trade relations with Mesoamericaa fact that facilitated the development of agriculture and the stratification of society. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Towards the end of the post-Classic period, the Aztecs of Central Mexico built a tributary empire covering most of central Mesoamerica.

Retrieved 3 July Some scholars prefer to distinguish between two broad cultural traditions in this area: The term Mesoamerica literally means “middle America” in Greek. Retrieved 16 November As such, these monuments were specifically designed for public display and took many forms, including stelesculpturearchitectural reliefsand other types of architectural elements e.

William Bright series general ed. Also in this period, villages began to become socially stratified and develop into chiefdoms with the development of large ceremonial centers, interconnected by a network of trade routes for the exchange of luxury goods, such as obsidianjadecacaocinnabarSpondylus shells, hematiteand ceramics. XochicalcoCacaxtla ; Gulf Coast: Many oral histories of the prehispanic period were subsequently recorded in alphabetic texts.

Maya of the European contact period said that knowing the past aided in both understanding the present and predicting the future Diego de Landa. University of Texas Press. The century plant Agave americana is a particularly important resource in the region. Retrieved from ” https: