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Anna Klim-Klimaszewska, University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce, Poland, Pedagogy Pedagogika przedszkolnamore. Anna Klim-Klimaszewska. University of Natural Science and Humanities in .. Klim-Klimaszewska A., Pedagogika przedszkolna. Nowa podstawa programowa. See details and download book: Ebooks For Mobile Pedagogika Przedszkolna Pdf By Anna Klim Klimaszewska.

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One of the elements of the teaching process in that academy were contests called progetti to design buildings, thanks to which students had a chance to apply the knowledge gained at lectures regarding composition and structure and then use it independently and creatively. The worst result there was Thus, the educational project is the set of planned actions.

Cognitive emotion conception suggests more another function of emotions – managing the motives of human action, switch attention over from one issue to another.

Essays on Education | Krzysztof Dziurzyński –

In search for knowledge they go outside schools, make contacts with libraries, universities, public and private institutions, laboratories etc. During the evaluation process everybody should be treated as a partner. Description of the Trial Test Sheet The applied test sheet may be called the standard one. The assessing criteria should be clear and understandable for all of the participants, written in the integral part of the project method, which is documentation.

On the other hand the pedagogik draws attention to the value of the directed play, conditioned on its proper directing. It should be a bridge between the identity of individuals, national and international identity. The second factor relates to the personal characteristics of the individual innate and shaped in the development process which form annna personal resources. Pdeagogika most difficult areas were writing and practical use of the knowledge.


With the years passing and man becoming mature its functions and features change. They are often stronger amna would result from the current context Szlachta, ; Educational goals in turn shape attitudes concerning phenomena and things. Photo on cover http: Gender differences may be interpreted similarly as it was showed above for education.

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Use of the variance analysis showed that average results of the test, and the level of mastering of individual areas of the standards of knowledge, diversifies individual schools in a statistically significant way. Full presentation of emotion needs coding at three levels: The return to some conceptions of New Upbringing and paedocentrism, created the criticism of different directions of education already in the 20th century, but nowadays.

They comply with the Curriculum base of general education determined in the Order of the Minister of Education and Sports dated February 26, on curriculum base of kindergarten and general education at individual types of schools Journal of Law No.

Ethics education is an ;edagogika of aspirations for recognition and observance of moral principles in upbringing. Published in Junea report on its implementation, which stresses the importance of social justice and equal rights for citizens. It includes knowledge of contemporary events, as well as the main events and trends in national, European and world history.

Ebooks For Mobile Pedagogika Przedszkolna Pdf By Anna Klim Klimaszewska

Factors that influence success in life of a child are less obvious. We can see this matter being the case during lectures at the colleges when we attempt to refer to the cultural heritage by asking questions concerning heroes of Iliad, Odyssey or more recent events of the history or culture.

The comparison of the three variants of aspirations shows that the most common variant is the one in which the maximum aspirations are the same as the realistic, while the acceptable aspirations are lower The most important of them are: To obtain this information, the statement was made showing at what levels of education the compatibility of aspirations occurs: That way they become creative not just recreative.


A highly characteristic feature of the play that should be remem- bered is the fact that during play the objects of daily use change their applications each time. Upbringing is based on values, which also sets the direction of looking at the teacher, the student and their relationship.

It is related to physical, cognitive, emotional and certain- ly social development of the child. There is a necessary to examine the problem of Internet communication in order to be able to control it. To summarize this review of various ways of understanding of the play I can say that it takes a significant place in the physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of the child.

This includes the creation of educational theory and practical educational impact. Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on key competences for lifelong learning — a European reference framework from provides an overview of the core competencies, they are introduced to the European education systems. But it should still be remembered what L.

From didaskalo-centrism; the opinion locating a teacher and his activities in the center of attention, to the philosophy of personalism, according to which a student is a person, a subject of realizing education.