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factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Nancy G Date: Views: aion asmodian guideaion asmodian farming guideasmodian farming guide lvl20aion kinahaion gold. The world in Aion. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you.

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Make a new char. Log in to your account.

Guide – “How to make kinah now” for dum… daevas

You go 66 and up and be able to run this new dungeons even with limited entries, means many times faster GP. Submit a new text post. With GP u still have a cap?? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Since you’re a master in alchemy, I’d recommend crafting Superior Wind Serums. They might have a cunning plan. When you chat associated with our service, you’ll have to learn a string of prompts in order to make the purchase. I have try to sell my pvp brave shield and i got k kinah from it. The economy would go to shit.

You must have enjoyed playing World of Warcraft with the the character customization options, update, and missions as game, however, Aion: Of course, Refund Policy Collateral.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Though I was hoping with 6.

Though with low drop rates, those are worth your time and labor. Already have an account? That’s what really psss me off. Because this is how are we supposed to play the game now! Register a guid account. Dont worry, this guide will teach you how to make kinah easy and quick. Also, chronos stones sell iinah around 3. And thats surely is not gameplay. Both games get their own peculiarities. Racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful comments will be removed, and will result in a ban.

In this “guide”u are not even focusing ur main account.

Guide – “How to make kinah now” for dum daevas – General Discussion – Aion EN

Trolling is not tolerated. I think this was still a good way to keep balance on items. Since when we have to take aion as a work place? Create a website for free. Also, the Temporal Stones, which sell at klnah 1. Greedy shugos gonna take some kinah tho Please do not downvote unless something violates the rules Comment Rules Racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful comments will be removed, and will result in a ban.


So there is no any reason to stay low level, better level up as fast as possible, even if you will have limited entries first week or two. Please try to remain civil. Put something worthless to broker MP manastone for example and set the price of it to your kinah amount on new char. These items are frequently sold for considerable amounts.


Good luck all on farming. Posted October 18, edited.

You can do also send a message over your live talk with buycheap aion kinah generator. Kinxh you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Its not a good idea to build a group of lvl 66 but if you join an experienced group its easy! Do not post anything which violates the terms and conditions of Aion. Lot many other tips and techniques that you can try to get rich in the online games of Aion.

If you dont have a goldpack, make fist char at Nergal elyos. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.

You can also sell the items from library of knowledge for nice amount of kinah! In any waywith gp or without, you still be able to go to only 4 dungeons because of your level and lack of gear – adma, lab, library, arkhal. As starter you can sell for 21kk and as goldpack user you can sell kk kinah!

Please, post anything interesting kinab Aion or the companies involved in the making, distribution, or production of Aion.

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