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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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As per condition the tenderer should send along with his tender an agreement executed and signed in Kerala Stamp Paper value of 20 and Earnest Money Deposit ‘ 1, Printing Office, Washington, Sale of tender forms will close at 3 p. The hay and green chop samples were not related to an area measurement, but were correlated with the other data on a per unit mass basis.

This figure is less than the crop data because the planchets sample only vertical fallout while the crop also samples horizontally. Test three commenced at at which time the winds had reversed in direction and were variable out of the south from 3 cai 6 mph 315-8 gusts to 12 mph.

To determine I activity in all samples submitted for analysis. The collimator is five inches in length and five inches across acii the mouth.

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The calves were housed in separate pens. A summary of the acii is shown in Table 37 and the average values for five of the calves are shown as curves of activity versus time in Figure I in Group IV contaminated green chop. IE2 29 94 42 Assuming that the same relationship holds for calves and noting from Table 37 that the peak ingested daily amount for calf 42, whose thyroid weighs 4 In meeting the first objective, the activity per area basis was used because of the non-uniformity of density of the Sudan grass in the plot.

It was later discovered that adi reason for this was that 315-80 exposure time during enlargement of the group 2 photographs was not of sufficient duration to fully develop the image of the particles in the size range of question.

No cor- rections were made in the I feed intake values for cross -contamination in the feed.

All conglomerations were counted as single particles. They were placed to divide the 30 cm depth of the stack into three equal portions. The hay samples were weighed and the bagged hay sample was compressed by means of a 12 ton Carver Labor- atory Press so that the compressed hay would fit into a cottage cheese container ml volume.


As of the day of release, the I received would decay to 3 1 mCi. Thus it is assumed that this effect is related to the characteristics of our synthetic aerosol and release conditions and possibly to the type of pasture grass. These experiments will be designed to elucidate problems in radioiodine mechanisms of transport through the biosphere and dosimetry under controlled conditions.

The second crystal was used as a “shine” monitor. Equipment The analytical equipment consisted of a TMC channel pulse height analyzer coupled with a 3″ Nal crystal. The ai was unbaled and spread on a plastic sheet as was the green chop. As a consequence of this expectation, meteorological data is routinely monitored in the area of interest during all field tests. Charcoal Cartridge The charcoal cartridge from the ac sampling equipment was opened and the contents were transferred to a cottage cheese container.

This sizing instrument has an illuminated iris diaphragm which is imaged by a lens on a. The deposition velocities presented in Table 8 are calculated relative to the fallout planchets at the one meter level. The distribution curves, of rows 2 and 3, Figure 20, are slightly bimodal because of the high percentage of particles in the 0 to 5 J.

The crystal assembly was attached to a platform mounted yoke welded to a jack. To allow for uneven deposition and losses in tagging and re-sieving, 50 mCi of I were ordered. Sieve Analysis Size J. To measure in vivo the uptake of 31I in calves thyroids as a function of time.

They do establish a correlation between aerial concentration and deposition which is uniform over the limited data points. Feeding schedule for the dairy herd. The average count rate for the period towas cpm; for the period tocpm; for the period tocpm; for the period tocpm. Last date and time of sale of tender form—1 p.

Time plots of count rates from the “peanut tube” and the scintillator then provide time profiles of particulate and gaseous air-borne activity. This was confirmed in two separate post-Project Hayseed experiments.

The peak values of 1 31I activity in milk of inhalation cows were found in the first milking 10 hours after inhalation and these values declined rapidly with an effective half-life of 0. It can be seen that the reduction of activity caused by the second irrigation after D day was much less than after the first irrigation. The spread green chop was sufficient for only four days for four cows. The filter papers from the air sampling equipment and the fallout trays from the aerosol generation were also counted in the Beckman Wide-Beta gas-flow counter.


The apparent effective decay half-lives for the 3 I levels in the milk of the different groups of study cows were remarkably similar for the fresh green chop, spread green chop and hay fed cows.

Samples were taken by breaking the vegetation off by hand. Since only the smallest size range was affected, it was felt that the results from the group 2 photographs could be used for further determinations. Error Estimates We have not, to date, determined the error of the opposed 4″ x 9″ crystals; however, reasonable estimates can be made for some geometries. The samples from it also showed no detectable I activity.

The sum of these doses then gives the total dose estimate shown in Table A review of the aerosol release data from the preliminary experiment on the sampling grid shows a marked reduction in generation time between the first and third runs.

SP(04): ACI Detailing Manual

The front stakes row 1 were placed 5 meters from the row of aerosol generators, the middle row row 2 at The most striking difference is in the effective half-life which is represented by the portion of the curves after the peak value is reached. The average background value so obtained was subtracted from each cow’s gross J 31I level in the milk to obtain the net activity. In evaluating these re- sults it was pointed out that the characteristics of the radioiodine contaminants at the two different stations were apparently quite different.

The following activities referred to time of collection were found in the system and control samplers and in conventional samplers near the system: