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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. After reading James’s newest offering (following A Wild Pursuit (Duchess Quartet Book 3) by [James, Eloisa]. After reading James’s newest offering (following Fool for Love), some might be tempted to call her “the historical Jennifer Crusie.” In this book, as. It is whispered behind the fans of London’s dowagers and in the corners of fashionable ballrooms that scandal follows willfully wild Lady Beatrix Lennox wher.

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There was a moment of silence and then Stephen roared with laughter. Who would have thought you to be so rare a stirrer? Steph Beatrix and Stephen were two wonderfully rich characters and Jamea loved getting to know them. Stephen convinces himself that he needs a wife, but for now what he really needs in a mistress.

A Wild Pursuit — book review

I loved seeing their story come to a HEA. Nov 13, Lori McD rated it really liked it Shelves: Or living in a garden shed, for that matter. Please stop by and join the conversation on my readers’ pages. Alas, on we go to the last one! Discover what to read next. They had great chemistry and still managed to have a wonderful romance despite the messiness of the whole situation they were thrust into.

Bea, gadis muda yg di cap slut di seluruh London mirip2 Esme ya bertemu Stephen yg di anggap orang suci anggota parlemen yg tdk pernah tersangkut skandal apapun selama 10 tahun terakhir. In contrast, Esme’s houseguest, Stephen Fairfax-Lacy, seeks a little scandal, but not so much that his Parliamentary career would be put in jeopardy—which rules out a tryst with the dramatically ruined minx Lady Bea, another of Esme’s guests.

The conclusion of Esme and Sebastian should of been a novella.


Since Bea is unmarried and her family and Society have rejected her, her behavior seemed foolish in the extreme. Mar 28, Thenia rated it liked it Shelves: View Full Version of PW. Bea blinked down at the fan. Helene’s estranged and wandering husband Rees also makes an appearance, as Helene attempts to make Rees jealous by throwing her “affair” with Stephen in Rees’ face.

He certainly would be less exhausting. Originally I didn’t want to read this book since Stephan and Bea as characters did not interest me.

I liked that Bea was in a lot of ways strong and wholly herself, yet was balanced by very relatable fears and experiences as well. Esme Rawlings, the even more heavily pregnant and recently widowed duchess is holding another house party.

It was just that no man could resist Esme, and certainly not Stephen, who had frankly told her that he hoped to marry. That was too strong. I often weave early modern poetry into my work; the same novel might contain bits of Catullus, Shakespeare and anonymous bawdy ballads from the 16th century.

Aside from the romance, I really enjoyed the strong female friendships. She is now considered scandalous and unmarriageable. Explore many more international editions by country or by language. Which is pretty awesome! A Wild Pursuit juggles multiple storylines as Stephen finds himself interacting with all three women.

The workmanship is quite elegant. Other than that, it was another perfect read from Eloisa James! May 09, Naomi Impellizzeri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rather than focusing on the usual rounds of glittery balls and fresh, young debutantes, James shows us another side of the fashionable ton: The Narration was actually quite good, but a good narrator can only take material so far.

A very good, entertaining read. The Best Books of They had a wonderful chemistry and I enjoyed them getting to know each other. The various subplots were great, a really refreshing setting that kept you entertained and wanting more. Mass Market Paperbackpages. When I wrote about a miscarriage in Midnight PleasuresI used my own fears of premature birth; when the little girl in Fool For Love threw up and threw up, I described my own daughter, who had that unsavory habit for well over her first year of life.


The realization gave Bea a most peculiar sinking feeling. I gave it 3 stars based on the skill of the narrator to keep me listening until I finished despite the silly characters and plot! And what better place to find one than at a house party given by Infamous Esme. I have girlfriends who are writers and girlfriends who are Shakespeare professors.

Want to Read saving…. Sep 24, Ro rated it it was ok. However, Sebastian, the Marquess of Bonnington, is determined to marry Esme at any cost and no matter the scandal.

A Wild Pursuit

As it turns out, Esme gets half a book to herself and her naughty gardener she’s been slumming a la DH Lawrence, though we are thankfully spared ridiculous sentiments about naming body parts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It began rather slowly and nothing at all like the blurb on the back and at first I thought I would not like it very much, but then it began to grow on me and by the time it ended, I lursuit hooked.