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74HC Datasheet, 74HC Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger Datasheet, buy 74HC Pin and function compatible with 74HC General operating conditions are specified to ensure optimal performance to the datasheet specifications. 74HC datasheet, 74HC pdf, 74HC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, ON Semiconductor, Quad 2−Input NAND Gate with Schmitt−Trigger Inputs.

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Notwithstanding any damages that customer might incur for any reason whatsoever, NXP Semiconductors aggregate and cumulative liability towards customer for the products described herein shall be limited in accordance with the Terms and conditions of commercial sale of NXP Semiconductors. Revision history Table Quad 2-input AND gate.

BCD counter synchronous reset. For detailed and full information see the relevant full data sheet, which is available on request via the local NXP Semiconductors sales office.

NXP Semiconductors dataheet not accept 74hc123 liability related to any default, damage, costs or problem which is based on any weakness or default in the customer s applications or products, or the application or use by customer s third party customer s. This device features reduced input threshold levels to allow interfacing to TTL logic.


It has control inputs for enabling or disabling the clock CPfor clearing the counter to its More information. General description The is a synchronous presettable 4-bit binary counter which features an internal look-ahead carry circuitry for cascading in high-speed.

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Hex inverting buffer gate. Logic Data sheets Series Component. Transfer characteristics Fig 8.

Low noise high linearity amplifier Rev. Octal transparent inv op latch.

Translations A non-english translated version of a document is for reference only. Dual JK flip-flop with reset; negative-edge trigger Rev. Two electrically isolated dual Schottky barrier diodes series, encapsulated.

Ordering information The datasheef a with a clock input CPan overriding asynchronous master reset More information. The is a bit More information.

Data Sheets

Quad 2-input NOR gate Rev. Functional diagram Fig 1. Test circuit for measuring switching times Product data sheet Rev. Ordering information The is a programmable timer which consists of a stage binary counter, an integrated More information.

Ordering information The are 8-bit multiplexer with eight binary inputs I0 to I7three select inputs S0 More information.


Input to output propagation delays Table 8. NXP Semiconductors takes no responsibility for the content in this document if provided by an information source outside of NXP Semiconductors.

Octal 3-state bus tranceiver. It decodes four binary weighted address inputs A0 to A3 to sixteen mutually. Inputs also include clamp diodes that enable the use of current More information.

General description The is a low noise high linearity amplifier for wireless infrastructure applications, equipped with fast shutdown to support TDD systems. It has control inputs for enabling or disabling the clock CPfor clearing the counter to its.

The is specified in compliance More information. Dual 4-bit binary ripple counter Rev. These features allow the use of these devices in. Quad 2-input OR gate.

General description The is a hex inverter with Schmitt-trigger inputs. Hex 3-state inverting buffer. Each counter features More information.