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10, Dreams Interpreted [Gustavus Hindman Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking. Dreams Interpreted has ratings and 48 reviews. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking masterwork, published nearly a century ago, remains. 10, Dreams Interpreted Paperback New edition by According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, every symbol that appears in a dream has its own unique.

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The introduction is complete and interesting. The former only sees the forms that manifest on its plane, while the latter can note only those common to its sphere. By means of our reason—an objective process for divining the future—aided by mathematical and geographical lnterpreted, we may outline the storm centers and the path of the rain days before they appear in certain localities.

And still another circle is formed of the finer compound of this, which is spiritual subjectivity, or gustacus highest element of intelligence reached by man. There are mental transmissions, communications of thoughts, and psychic currents between human souls.

It was very good for compiling the different possibilities in one place saving readers the research. The subjective influences are most active, and often fill the mind with impressions, while drems physical body is asleep. All men are acquainted with health and sickness, love and hate, success and failure. Thus it becomes his invisible counterpart. They cannot be analyzed in detail or as a whole.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted

Hidman we call sound is a sensation produced upon our auditory nerve by silent vibrations of the air, themselves comprising between 32, and 36, a second. A few years ago a person whom I will designate as A related a dream to me as follows: The Emperor Marcian dreamed he saw the bow of the Hunnish conqueror break on the same night that Attila died.

Appreciative and thankful for the attempt to list and categorize dreams. A type of what pre-existed in the imagination of the world, and an antitype of a future life yet to manifest itself on another plane where the incidents of the one will be subjective, as the events occurring in infancy or in other planes are now subjective. For this reason we are enjoined by the sages to study self.

They number a few, and are never disappointed, while the former number millions. One feels that there is a force unknown, proceeding, not from our physical organization, but from that in us which can think.


Jun 16, Hunter R. We only understand the great laws of gstavus by effects. In such dreams you may see water, letters, houses, money, people, and countless other things.

10, Dreams Interpreted: A Dictionary of Dreams by Gustavus Hindman Miller

The only thing about this one, it’s severely outdated! The union of one and two produce the triad or the trinity which underlies the philosophy of the ancients.

Each may recognize and feel the violence or good that these manifestations will do to their respective counterparts, but we have no reason to believe that normal objective or subjective states have visional powers beyond their own plane. Thus, if the dream symbol indicates wealth or fortune to the peasant, his waking life may be gladdened by receiving or seeing a fifty-cent piece, or finding assuring work, while the same symbol to a wealthy man would mean many dollars, or a favorable turn in affairs.

She did not even know he was ill. It is likewise the impure firmament of the microcosm that diseases the body and soul. Tartini, a distinguished violinist, composed his Devil’s Sonata under the inspiration of a dream. Firstly, no book knows what’s going on in any given dreamer’s awake life, hence the dictionary definitions of what a dream’s various elements might mean is li People come to me with their dreams, asking for interpretation.

If it reflects the drought of thought or the various states of evil, deserts will enlarge, forest of infectious, venomous growth will form the habitation of lust and murder.

To feed on material diet alone, contracts and distorts the circle of the man; but a full comprehension of the needs of the circle, a proper denial of supply to some of the compounds, together with a tender care of other parts, will round out the whole into a perfect physical and mental circle of life.

We do not claim that this book will prove an interpreter of all dreams, or that the keys disclosed will open to you all the mysteries of the future, or even all those surrounding your own personality, but by studying the definitions and the plane upon which they were written, you will be able, through the power of your own spirit, to interpret your own dreams.

The second and third resemble the color-blind man, who sees but who persists in calling green blue, and vice versa.


Death is more frequently foretold by dream messages or visions, as explained in another part of this chapter.

The future exists potentially, determined by causes which bring to pass successive events. We feel that they indicate to us some power unknown. Miller offers an enlightening introduction to dreams in history, dream types spiritual, mixed, and allegoricaland to prescient dreams that provide a privileged glimpse into the future.

Coleridge, through dream influence, composed his Kubla Khan. If you want to have fun – get this book! Was it the unerring light that preceded Gautama into the strange solitudes of Asia? Keep the mind clear and as free from material rubbish as is possible and go to sleep in a negative condition this will, of course, have to be cultivated by the subject.

Those who live active lives exclude spiritual thought and fill their minds with the fascinations of worldly affairs, pleasure and business, dream with less frequency than those who regard objective matters with lighter concern. But in spite of all reason and conscience—in spite of the inductive knowledge received through our senses—we go on from day to day, and step by step, feeding our soul on the luscious fruit of the outward senses, until the rank weeds of selfishness have choked out all other forces.

But as soon as a man lives or sees a thing, that thing instantly becomes a part of his soul; hence, the clairvoyant, or mind reader, never perceives beyond the personal ego, as the future belongs exclusively to God or the universal mind, and has no material, subjective existence; therefore, it cannot be known except through the channels of the higher self, which is the Truth or the Word that is constantly striving to manifest itself through the flesh.

Whatever symbol is used to impress the dreamer is the one which is dreamz to warn him more definitely than any other. Study has been done interpreetd the person that has been playing ski on simulator and was failing, after sleeping person gained some percentage on it. May 12, Tony Kawas rated it it was amazing.